Weleda started out in 1921 as a pharmaceutical laboratory with it's own medicinal plant garden. Today it is a world leading manufacturer of holistic natural cosmetics. They pride themselves on providing quality products and have high ethical and environmental standards. Their products represent an holistic view of mind, body and spirit. Weleda use natural raw materials which they process sensitively to ensure they maintain their full active benefits.

Weleda has 7 principles 

1. Fair treatment of customers, partners and suppliers.

2. Management-employees relationship in a spirit of partnership.

3. Extensive quality.

4. Combining natural and spiritual sciences in research and development.

5. High environmental standards.

6. Ethical and value creating business practices.

 7. Cultural diversity as an inspiring force.

Weleda has never tested any of its individual ingredients nor finished beauty products on animals. They don’t carry any bunny symbols on their packs because they are a global brand with international packaging, and they have the NATRUE seal on every single one of their cosmetics. NATRUE is against animal testing.

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