Saint Come

Laboratoire Saint Côme® is owned by Christian and Claude Richard, twin brothers, and pharmacists, who are leading the famous pharmacy “de la Croix Blanche” in the city of Dijon, France. Coming from a long line of pharmacists, the brothers still hold traditional values, rather like their father, Camille Richard, and reflect this in their brand and product lines such as “Live life with dignity and generosity”.

Having started the pharmacy together in 1981, the brothers wanted a more close and personal relationship with their customers, and hence, in 1983, started to emphasize the apothecary herbal side of the shop, while keeping the prescription side of the business as on-going. To avoid the risk of being labelled as “folk remedies” they researched thoroughly through their clientele and offered the best natural healthcare solutions possible, while avoiding chemical drugs at all costs. Word spread throughout the region that this dynamic duo was giving sound advice and products that indeed made a difference.

In their partnership Christian is in charge of natural remedies while his brother Claude is in charge of all cosmetic products. Early in the year of 2000, Claude started to work on a new project: Airborne Aromatherapy, and hence the beginnings of the Aromaspray® products line. His desire was to create aromatherapy without the safety risks, while ensuring the benefits, and achieving to deodorise & purify the atmosphere with aromatic notes. After weeks of research, and testing he created 10 synergic scents: Lavender-Rosemary, Orange-Palmarosa, Lemon-Cedar, Cloves-Camphor, Lemongrass-Wild Thyme, Mint-Eucalyptus, Mint-Neroli, Myrtle-Sandalwood, Thyme-Cinnamon and Ylang-Bergamot.

The first clients chosen to test the products found them amazing because of high concentration of the premium grade quality of the Essential Oils used. They noticed the strong persistent scent achieved with just one spray. Today, the success of the product is over 300,000 bottles being sold a year throughout France with very little advertising. Airborne Aromatherapy diffusion allows easy use of essential oils to subtlety deodorise the home, car or office ambient air, naturally, while benefiting the inherent and psycho-sensorial benefits of essential oils to the fullest.

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