Pure Incense Japanese Style Uluru Australian Sandalwood - 35 sticks

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Box size L16cm x W3.5cm x D2cm 

Each stick burns for around 50 minutes 29 hours in total.

These handcrafted Japanese style pure incense sticks are a true luxury for your daily incense ritual.  Made using only 100% aromatic plants, the ingredients have been derived from precious herbs, aromatic barks, seeds, spices and resins with absolutely no synthetic ingredients, essential oils, charcoal or a bamboo core. Uluru gives you the sacred aroma of Australian Sandalwood. A beautiful scent for meditation bringing deep calm to your surroundings.

  • Handcrafted and blended
  • 100% Aromatic Plant-Based 
  • Japanese Style
  • Deep Calm, Meditative, Sacred
  • No Synthetics Essential Oils, Charcoal, Bamboo Core
  • Ethically sourced ingredients
  • Pure incense
  • Unique gift


How to light and burn your incense; Place your incense stick into an incense holder and bowl to catch the ash. Be careful to light the very top of your incense stick and do not allow too much of the incense stick into the flame. You need to light only the very tip to avoid any part of the stick to go black. This will allow you the best fragrance possible, if it gets black you will get a charred aroma and should wait until this has cleared as you will not be getting the true fragrance of the incense. The more care you take to light just the tip the better the scent.

The tip of the stick will turn red, at this point you need to waft out the flame with the palm of your hand, do not blow.

Ensure the incense is at least 2 metres away from you and in a well-ventilated room. A window sill or above a fireplace would be ideal. Do not inhale the smoke directly.

If you only need a light scent or are in a small room you may wish to stop your incense burning. Either turn the incense upside down in the holder and it will go out or before lighting, snap a stick in half and just burn a small portion.

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