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Classic Organic Hair Removal Set with Tea Tree Oil


For normal/sensitive skin. Strong enough for the most stubborn hair, yet gentle enough for the most sensitive area. Can be used for legs, face, bikini area, underarms and whole body. 

Out of Stock, Sorry.

Price: 21.99
Out of Stock

M4Men Hair Removal Kit


This exclusive spa formula is 100% natural and botanical. M4MEN is a state of the art system that far exceeds the performance of waxes and other sugaring products for a smooth, sculpted look. Gives professional results that last weeks longer than shaving, M4MEN is specifically designed for male hair. Enriched with essential oils and effective skin-enhancers for a simple all-in-one hair removal system. Ideal for sensitive skin, microwavable, safe, gentle, long-lasting and easy to use.

Price: 19.99

Moom Facial Travel Kit


1.6oz MOOM® 100% Botanical Nourishing Hair Remover, 4 small fabric strips, and 2 small wooden applicators. 

Price: 7.50

Moom Refill Jar (6oz)


6oz MOOM® 100% Natural 100% Botanical Nourishing Water Soluble Hair Remover.  

Price: 12.50

Moom Reusable Fabric Strips (48)


36 Body sized and 12 Face sized washable, reusable polycotton application strips.

Price: 12.50

Natural Shaving Soap


A super rich and extra creamy lathering soap, this special Shaving Soap has been developed to help with a smooth, clean wet shave. This simple combination of natural oils and butters is the perfect formulation to cleanse whilst keeping the skin moisturised and soothed during shaving.


Price: 3.30

Northwoods Aftershave Balm


Classic Pine Scent –cool and invigorating.

For cool, comfortable skin. Use to calm just-shaved skin and protect against
razor bumps. Clear, lightweight gel soothes, hydrates and disappears quickly.



Price: 10.49

Northwoods Shave Cream


Natural shave cream with a classic pine scent by Aubrey Organics for a smooth, cool shave. Use daily for a comfortable, easy shave and invigorated skin. Soothes and guards against irritation from razor burn. 



Price: 7.49

Pure Nuff Stuff Aftershave Balm


Most post-shave products use alcohol to stem bleeding, but this dries sensitised skin terribly, making it either crack or harden.  This gel is one of Pure Nuff Stuff's best selling men's products.  Pure aloe vera calms and promotes healing after a shave, and it's scented with clary sage and lime essential oils - a light and earthy blend that won't dominate your day.  You don't need a lot of this either so the 100ml bottle goes a long, long way.


Price: 7.00

Sandalwood & Bergamot Beard Balm - NEW


Made from 100% organic ingredients, our beard balm will condition, revive and moisturise your beard whilst provide hold for styling and help make your beard look thicker.

A skin enriching formulation, the balm contains jojoba oil for softening and moisturising as
well as sesame with carrot oil and camomile with olive oil to provide a gentle, nourishing daily treatment.

The addition of beeswax and cocoa butter will give you a light to medium hold, keeping stray hairs to a minimum whilst wheatgerm oil, rich in vitamin E will moisturise and help keep hair from drying out.

The balm has been delicately scented with a combination of luxurious sandalwood essential oil which has been paired with citrusy bergamot to create an aromatic but manly

Price: 12.00

Sandalwood & Bergamot Beard Oil - NEW


Made using the base ingredient of rejuvenating jojoba oil, our Beard Oil has been formulated to moisturise facial hair and also the skin beneath.

By hydrating the skin, jojoba oil will help to soften and improve the texture and appearance of beard hair, whilst the almond oil with its high vitamin E content will nourish
and condition.

The oil is complete with the addition of luxurious sandalwood essential oil which has been paired with citrusy bergamot to create an aromatic but manly scent.

Price: 15.00

Shaving Brush


A great little brush at a bargain price! Natural bristle set into a wooden handle.

Price: 3.50

Shaving Soap


A moisturising, healing soap with a thick lather by Simply Soaps, also suitable for sensitive skin.

Price: 4.95

Shaving Soap in a Ceramic Bowl


A lovely skin softening soap with added shea butter and glycerine for a smoother shave. Self-contained in it’s own ceramic bowl the soap gives a rich foam and is scented with Clary Sage and Lime essential oils.


Price: 7.50

Shaving Soap Refill


A refill version of Pure Nuff Stuff's great skin softening shaving soap. Enriched with shea butter and glycerine for a smooth shave.



Price: 4.50

Simply Soaps Aftershave Balm


Soothing, cooling and calming balm by Simply Soaps, great for sensitive skin. Peppermint essential oil helps calm irritation and Lemon helps refresh the skin.


Price: 9.95


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