Natural Fulvic Vitality

Nikki Brown discovered the benefits of  Fulvic acid at the age of 35.  Nikki was suffering from the very embarrassing and painful condition of adult acne after coming off the hormone contraceptive injection, which she had been on for several years. 

Nikki tried everything from natural diets, creams, potions and natural remedies for two years to cure her acne problem but found nothing was working.  

On searching for the solution to this problem, she discovered the human fulvic acid, six in one supplement, Vita-Min-Zyme and was immediately excited about the research she was uncovering on how it was helping with all kinds of skin conditions, so she ordered herself three months supply to start her off in her healing journey. 

After three months of taking the supplement daily, her acne condition improved so much that NO new lumps or bumps were appearing on her face or body and after 9 months of taking the supplement daily,  she found that it also healed the scarring the acne had left behind. 

In 2008 she left her job to set up a Natural Health & Behaviour Practitioner business. At the same time, Nikki had just adopted an ex racing greyhound called Annie, who came with severe health and behaviour problems and introduced a raw meaty bones diet supplemented with the Natural Pet Vitality which contains, fulvic acid, probiotics and digestive enzymes.

The results were nothing short of a miracle as she witnessed the incredible healing of her own dog.

Following the retirement of Nikki’s fulvic acid supplier, she was offered the opportunity to continue where he left off, so she set up Natural Fulvic Vitality and rebranded the unique formulas for the UK, European and Worldwide markets.

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