Guide to choosing CBD oils and supplements.

CBD is not a medicine and cannot make any medical claims to treat or prevent illness.  It's classed as a natural herbal extract and is used as a dietary supplement.

There are limitless reviews from users of CBD who have found it to be beneficial for anxiety, aches & pains and general wellbeing. 

It's recommended that if you are new to using CBD you start with a lower dose to gauge your sensitivity and it's effectiveness.

Prices vary greatly and this is due to the potency, the oil that it has been blended with, production methods and if it contains blended CBD oils from different strains of the plant, referred to as an entourage. Entourages are thought to increase effectiveness and potency. 


To choose your ideal supplement you need to refer to the amount of CBD per mg. 


Do you want a product that is all hemp oil based or CBD that has been blended with a different base oil such as olive or coconut? Hemp oil in itself is high in omegas 3 and 6 and so a whole hemp product would provide increased dietary benefits. 


Palatability - Some people do not enjoy the flavour of pure CBD and hemp oil.  Pure hemp oil has a musty earthy flavour and does take a while to get use to. The addition of alternative oils such as olive or coconut or flavourings can make taking the oils/sprays more palatable. The sprays are taken under the tongue and need to be held for approx 2 minutes before being swallowed, which can seem unbearable if you can't cope with the flavour.  If you think you would find this difficult then capsules would be a better choice.


Absorption rate; do you want fast absorption if so drops or sprays will be more suitable.  You may feel the benefit from drops or sprays within 20 minutes. Capsules that are ingested may take an hour to work but the effect may be longer lasting. It's advisable to take your supplement with food.


Capsules are easier for exact dosing but are restrictive if you find you need to vary the dose. If you're vegetarian please be aware that some capsules are made using gelatine.  We only sell vegetarian capsules on our website.

Pipette bottles may leak and care needs to be taken if you wish to carry them with you. Sprays are good travel options and are used in the same way as drops.


If you are taking any form of medication or have an existing medical condition, you should discuss using CBD with your Doctor. CBD can affect the way certain medications are processed by your body and result in unwanted side effects. 


Click to watch an informative video on taking CBD

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