Caribbean Blue

Caribbean Blue Naturals, was founded in Saint Lucia in 1997 to ensure that only the best products would be used on their first born baby. As Naturopathic Doctors, they formulated and produced their first product - a natural insect repellent - a necessity in the tropics. Soon after, the sun care line was developed and this quickly extended to include natural skin care and personal care products, spa products, soaps and herbal remedies. The owners continue to oversee all areas of manufacturing to ensure the highest quality, using ingredients that are health-promoting, sustainably-produced and fair-trade. The products are available island wide and on neighbouring Caribbean islands, as well as new and repeat customers worldwide. 

Caribbean Blue believes in using only the best, natural and sustainable ingredients, which add value to your health, and never using anything which burdens it. They source natural and wild-crafted raw materials, locally produced whenever possible, with the goal of minimizing their carbon footprint. Their products are cruelty-free, reef-safe, 100% biodegradable, non-GMO and mostly vegan (beeswax is used in their lip balm and candles). They believe that being mindful of minimising waste, striving for efficiency, and being aware of their impact on the community and the environment benefits not only their company, but society as a whole.

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