About Us

The Natural Shop.co.uk is a vegetarian and cruelty-free business. We are simply interested in a healthy green lifestyle and therefore committed to providing as wide a range as possible of cruelty-free natural skincare and environmentally friendly products in our Eco Store.

Since scientists now suggest that up to 60% of what we apply to our skin can be absorbed into our bodies, there is an increasing concern that the use of synthetically produced chemicals in personal care products could pose a threat to our health. However, a growing number of pseudo-natural and organic products often contain harmful chemicals alongside 'natural' and 'organic' ingredients. Absence of official regulations then makes it very difficult to distinguish between legitimate natural products and conventional high street ones. The Natural Shop.co.uk stocks products that are as natural as possible and free of harmful synthetic ingredients for us this means;

  • Contains no GM (genetically modified) ingredients
  • Has as high a natural content as possible.
  • Free of harmful parabens, SLS.
  • Free of harmful synthetic fragrances

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