About Us

AboutUs2014This is the Blog for The Natural Shop. The Natural Shop offers a selection of organic, natural, eco friendly products for the home and body – including body care products, household cleaners, cosmetics, fair trade and ethical products, and items for sustainable living, as well as environmentally friendly and recycled gifts and gadgets. We have a large natural collection for a green and low carbon lifestyle – kind to you and the environment.

We are simply interested in a healthy natural lifestyle and therefore committed to providing as wide a range as possible of truly natural, organic and eco-friendly products in our Eco Store.

Since scientists now suggest that up to 60% of what we apply to our skin can be absorbed into our bodies, there is increasing concern that the use of synthetically produced chemicals in personal care products could pose a threat to our health. However, a growing number of pseudo-natural and organic products often contain harmful chemicals alongside ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ ingredients. An absence of official regulations then makes it very difficult to distinguish between legitimate natural products and conventional high street ones – unless compositions are scrutinized in an informed way. So, we aim to do this for you. You can find more information about research and the harmfulness of certain chemicals in our Articles of Interest.

We will aim to add a themed post to the Blog every month – about natural products and energy saving issues, and we welcome any requests, ideas or comments.