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Foot Rattle (Booties) - Mo


Organic cotton foot rattle booties and matching postcard with solid posting envelope by Keptin Junior. Choice of Guak the frog, or Mo the cat **. 10cm

Only 4 Mo left **.

List Price: 14.00
Price: 1.99

Lafe's Natural Deodorant Crystal with Green Velvet Pouch & Dish


24-hour natural deodorant protection made with mineral salts that eliminate odor-causing bacteria. Non-staining, fragrance free, hypoallergenic. Not tested on animals.

Mineral salts eliminate odor-causing bacteria; leaves no white residue. Contains no aluminum chlorhydrate. With a handy velvet pouch to keep your crystal safe.

6 0Z/160g.

Please note the pouch is dark green and not as depicted.

Price: 6.99

Lavender Massage Wax


One of the most popular massage waxes due to the calming, soothing and balancing properties of lavender. Antiseptic and even has insect repellent properties.

100g Size now £6.99 (was £12.99). Best Before 9/10/16

20g. Available in other sizes.

Price: 3.99

Make Up Brush


Professional-grade makeup brush lets base powders and blushes go on lightly and evenly for a perfect look every time. Made with natural bristles, obtained without causing harm to animals.

List Price: 17.99
Price: 4.99

Orange Spice  Massage Wax


A good all round massage wax,  good for depression, reducing aches and stiffness and a number of other conditions.

100g Size reduced to £4.99. Best Before 28/7/16.

20g. Available in other sizes.

Price: 3.99

Organic Comforter - Girl


Keptin Junior have taken the ideas and designs of children to create these fantastic, 100% organic comforters. Suitable from birth. Perfect for babies. 24cm

Only 1 Left!

List Price: 12.99
Price: 1.99

Pacific Nights Massage Wax


Pacific Nights is the most floral and exotic of Tui's blended massage waxes, harnessing the heady Jasmine and Neroli essential oils with Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang. With almond oil, beeswax, olive oil, arnica oil and vitamin E.

20g Size now £2.50. Best Before 6/5/16.

20g. Available in other sizes.

Price: 3.99

Pacific Shaving Company Pre-Shave Exfoliating Wash


A great shave starts before you pick up your razor.

Exceptionally clean skin prepares your face for an exceptionally smooth shave. Now, with our Pre-Shave Exfoliating Wash, you can remove dead skin cells, clean, and moisturize in one simple step. Gentle enough to use every day, its unique blend of safe and natural ingredients - including bamboo, willow bark, and aloe - is ideal for all skin types.

  • Natural bamboo exfoliates skin
  • Willow bark extract (natural salicylic acid) helps control blemishes
  • Aloe soothes and moisturizes

Now you're ready to shave!

List Price: 8.99
Price: 2.99

Recycled Frosted Berry Christmas Cards


Frosted Berry Christmas Card printed specifically for The Natural Shop on 100% recycled card with vegetable oil based inks and non VOC washes, in a 100% recycled envelope.

Pack of 10 C6 (10.5 x 15 cm) sized cards in a fully biodegradable and compostable clear bag made from corn starch (which is annually renewable), sealed with a label using totally chlorine and solvent-free glues. The message inside reads ‘Season’s Greetings’.

Price: 1.99

SOS Dry Scalp Treatment Conditioner


Serious help for sensitive scalps. Moisturising MSM, rice extract and essential vitamins combine with potent licorice, coltsfoot and willow to promote glossy hair and soothe dry, irritated scalps, while fragrant herbal extracts of rosemary, lemon tea tree, geranium, and Himalayan cedarwood provide an invigorating aroma.

Our experience is that this works quickly to help dandruff, scalp psoriasis, and irritatated scalps. Works brilliantly on hair and scalps. Suitable for daily use. Massage into scalp and hair for best results.

1 left at £4. Best Before end Jan 2016 but in excellent condition.


List Price: 13.00
Price: 2.50

Tui Bee Balme Healing Skin Care


Healing and soothing cream for scratches, burns, sunburn, cracked skin, grazes, rashes (including nappy), stretch marks and scar tissue. It may also help with severe conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

1 x 50g size reduced. Best Before 26/6/16.

Price: 3.99

Vanilla Massage Wax


This massage wax has a subtle, aromatic aroma of vanilla which is completely pure and not an adulterated version. It is more aromatic/fruity  than sweet (like the fake vanilla smells sometimes used in cooking). The Vanilla Massage Wax is fragrant, warm, and woody, since at its essence is the heady perfume of the Vanilla bean - actually harvested from an orchid which comes from Madagascar and has been used for hundreds of years. 

20g. Available in other sizes.

Price: 3.99

Washing Glove Guak & Mo


Organic cotton washing glove and matching postcard with solid posting envelope by Keptin Junior.

2 Mo the cat design left. 24cm

List Price: 9.50
Price: 1.99

Yaoh Organic Hemp Seed Oil Sun Bloack SPF 15


Yaoh Organic Hemp Seed Oil Sun Block combines the natural protective, moisturising and rejuvenating qualities of organic hemp seed oil with the most effective and least damaging chemical sunblocks to produce a safe and protective lotion that is vegan, free from parabens, harmful substances and unnecessary chemical additives.


Only 1 Left.

List Price: 9.99
Price: 4.99


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