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Fulvic Acid for Humans


This is a wonderful supplement containing a rich source of Fulvic Acid Minerals, which have been known for centuries to have amazing natural healing abilities on all forms of life.

It is only when toxins are allowed to accumulate and build up in your system, and when there is a lack of essential nutrients in the diet, that disease occurs. Fulvic Acid not only provides all 75 trace minerals that every living cell needs in order to thrive and be healthy, but also crucially REMOVES toxins from the cells, allowing them to function properly.

Research and testimonials show that this new Fulvic Acid product may be useful for digestive health, joint health, energy and increasing vitality.

Read about the amazing properties of Fulvic Acid in the Details section for this products.

Price: 49.99

Krill Oil 500mg


A new super breed omega 3 source which has been proven scientifically to be many times more effective than traditionally used fish oils! Krill Oil moves Omega 3 supplementation to a new level!

One of the biggest single breakthroughs in the nutritional profession this decade has to be the recent availability of Krill Oil capsules which are reportably up to twenty two times more efficient than traditional EPA/ DHA Marine Fish oil.

500mg - 60 capsules

Price: 23.44

Marine Fish Oils 1000mg


This product is made from only the finest quality fish oils which have been tested for toxins and peroxides and are offered in a state of the art vegetarian capsules shell.

1000mg  - containing EPA 180mg DHA 120mg - 60 capsules.

Price: 12.20

Pro-otic Multi Strain Capsules


This product is suitable for vegetarians and now has a proven potency for 24 months from the time of formulation at ambient temperature, so there is no need for inconvenient refrigeration! Pro-otic is a food supplement providing multiple strains of probiotic bacteria which are setting a new industry standard for the way we can deliver probiotic supplementation!

Pro-otic (Premium multi strain)  30 capsules (15-30 days supply)
                                             or 60 capsules (30-60 days supply).

Price: 12.20


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