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Baby Gift Pack


A really caring and useful gift for a new baby, a box full of our fantastic natural baby products - Lavender and Chamomile Baby Soap, Baby Massage Oil, Cradle Cap Oil, Happy Nappy Cream and a Sooth 'Em Nipple Balm.


Price: 23.00

Baby Oil


This light Sweet Almond oil scented with Lavender and Chamomile pure essential oils is lovely as a massage oil and exceptionally kind to the skin.


Price: 6.50

Chamomile Baby Oil


Pure Potions certified organic, gentle all purpose baby oil with lavender and camomile for bathing, massage or cleansing. 

Made using 100% natural *organic ingredients.


Price: 7.99

Foaming Baby hair and Body Wash


This self-foaming  wash scented with lavender and chamomile essential oils can be easily applied directly to the skin.


Price: 9.50

Lafes Organic Baby Botanical Shampoo and Gentle Wash


Lafe's Organic Baby Shampoo & Gentle Wash is designed for babies, kids and adults. Our passion is products that nourish the body using certified organic botanicals, free of artifical fragrances and chemical preservatives.

Clean, green and eco friendly packaging with 95% certified organic formulations.


Temporarily out of stock. Sorry.

Price: 11.00
Out of Stock

Lavender and Chamomile Barrier Cream


This newly formulated Lavender & Chamomile Barrier Cream is a gentle, soothing and highly moisturising re-hydrating cream that also acts as a barrier to protect the skin.

Excellent general all purpose cream for all the family - even for babies bottoms!
It's especially good to relieve dry and rough skin. Apply after being exposed to adverse weather conditions or a hard day’s manual labour. A must for the outdoor enthusiast. Very useful to keep in the kitchen due to its excellent versatility.


Price: 4.50

Lavender Nappy Salve


For nappy rash, as a barrier, or on any sore areas such as noses, lips, cuts and grazes etc. Primarily a baby product but many adults use it on sore hands and as a moisturiser. Made by Pure Potions using 100% natural *organic ingredients. 

60ml (15ml tester pot available)

Price: 8.99

Liners - Biodegradable Flushable


These liners allow wet to pass through to the absorbent nappy, whilst retaining solids. If they are simply wet, they can be washed with the nappies and re-used up to about 3 to 5 times until they disintegrate.

Price: 3.50

Nappy - Motherease One Size Organic with Liner


An extremely popular one size nappy  in 100% Organic Cotton which can be adjusted with poppers to fit from new-born to potty training.

Comes with snap-in organic liner.

Price: 13.00

Nappy Mesh


A mesh bag to place inside your nappy bucket and keep nappies together in the washing machine.

Price: 3.95

Natural Baby Body Lotion


This lovely rich organic herbal lotion conditions and protects your baby's skin without mineral oil or other synthetics. Restores natural moisture balance and soothes skin with evening primrose and organic aloe. By Aubrey Organics.


Price: 7.99
Out of Stock

Natural Baby Body Lotion Trial Size


This lovely rich organic herbal lotion conditions and protects your baby's skin without mineral oil or other synthetics. Restores natural moisture balance and soothes skin with evening primrose and organic aloe. By Aubrey Organics.

59ml/2oz Trial Size

Price: 1.99
Out of Stock

Nipple Balm


The time you spend breastfeeding your baby is a wonderful close bonding time, but it can be a touch painful for some women, so Pure Nuff Stuff have created this soothing balm that you can use with absolute confidence.  Our group of testers for this item has been a local Mother & Baby Group who tested it for four months in total (they also tested the Baby Massage Oil) and they've all been very happy with the results - no cracked nipples and reduced soreness across the board - and they've all come back for more too, which is the real test of course. 


Price: 5.50

Organic Baby Soap


Simply Soaps mild, organic, moisturising soap with soothing sweet lavender & goats milk, ideal for use on all skin types.

Price: 2.79

Organic Restorative Body Butter


A deeply moisturising and regenerating butter for the whole body, also ideal for preventing/ treating stretch marks, even in pregnancy.

Effective in treating the skin both before and after surgery. Ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive. 60ml

100% Organic – Certified by The Soil Association. 100% GM free. 

As seen in The Sunday Times Style Magazine.

Price: 49.00

Pure Nuff Stuff Bump Rub


A wonderful skin-nourishing blend of oils to help keep your bump supple. An effective blend of sweet almond, wheatgerm, borage seed and carrot oils which are readily absorbed into the skin and help to keep it supple.


Price: 5.95

Silky Cornstarch Baby Powder


Silky, talc-free powder refreshes baby's delicate skin. Made with organic aloe, calendula and chamomile plus cornstarch and baking soda to absorb excess moisture and prevent chafing for fresh, healthy skin.


Price: 6.99

Tea Tree Oil 10ml


The famous, strong smelling and incredibly useful Tea Tree is renowned for its' powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it invaluable for home cleaning among other things. 

If you have a hand sprayer handy (perhaps one that used to have window cleaner in for example) then half fill it with spring water and add 20 drops of this to make your own kitchen surface sprayer.  Or if you have athelete's foot you can apply a couple drops of this neat to the affected area - it will clear it up a treat.


Price: 3.99

Tui Bee Balme Healing Skin Care


Healing and soothing cream for scratches, burns, sunburn, cracked skin, grazes, rashes (including nappy), stretch marks and scar tissue. It may also help with severe conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


Price: 3.99

Washable Wipes


Made in the UK from 2 layers of soft natural unbleached jersey cotton (knitted fabric, like Tshirts), these washable wipes are soft and gentle. Approx 15 x 12cm.

Can also be used as mini boosters.

Price: 5.99

Wrap - Motherease Rikki


A very popular wrap made in Canada, of 100% soft brushed polyester with a polyurethane laminate waterproof inner. Aplix hook and loop fastening with gusset and elasticised legs, and elastic at waist to ensure snug leakproof fit.

Price: 9.99


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