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Washing Machine and Dish Washer Sanitise and Descaler 
Washing Machine and Dish Washer Sanitise and Descaler

Vegan certified - concentrated - 100% natural -non toxic

6 Monthly Treatments in every pot 

half the price of Tesco's Dr. Beckmann single use cleaner.

Sanitise your Washing Machine and
Dishwasher regularly to keep them hygienic.

With every use of  laundry
& dishwasher detergent powders or liquids soap scum residues and
stains build up  inside your machine causing unpleasant odours
which are often masked by the strong chemical fragrances
in mass-produced high dosage detergents.

Discourage residue & mould build-up inside your Washing machine &
Dishwasher with a regular monthly maintenance treatment. Full instructions on
the 6 treatments tub.

Sanitise - natural anti-bacteria formula - keep the inside of your machines
germ and odour free.

All natural ingredients: Sodium percarbonate - sodium sesquicarbonate -
sodium carbonate - Natural Lemongrass soap with its
natural anti-microbial properties.

220 gm
Price: 6.95

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