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Violets 100% Natural Laundry Liquid 
Violets 100% Natural Laundry Liquid

Eco laundry liquid with 100% Natural ingredients and biodegradable of course. Ideal for automatic washing machines and saves energy using low temperatures. Excellent results for all fabrics including delicates and babies clothes. Also fine for hand washing.



·          Traditionally made pure vegetable soap

·          Ultra Concentrated

·          Free from all synthetics & petro chemicals

·          Rinses thoroughly leaving fabric softer, brighter and truly clean

·          Suitable for ALL your family's laundry

·          Developed for sensitive skin or skin allergy problems.

·          Great Fabric care product for both white and coloured washing

Vegan certified - Never tested on animals - Gentle on the environment

Naturally Non-toxic - Hypoallergenic - Biodegradable - Septic tank safe 

Proudly made in UK 

Cook Vegetarian Magazine - Top Picks - Washday magic

The Green Parent recommends "source a greener clean"



Northumberland water - Natural wild crafted Seaweed soap - Sodium Sesquicarbonate - Sodium Carbonate -Xanthum gum - essential oils


Price: 5.95

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