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Solar Backpack 
Solar Backpack

Imagine storing energy as you travel, ready to use just at the moment when you need it most. Maybe your cell phone has gone flat, or you are facing the most stunning view you’ve ever seen and your camera battery gives up. What do you do when you are miles from the nearest power supply? Easy! You turn to the power in your Solar Bag!

Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 12 month warranty.

Solar Bags can re-charge a range of portable devices including:

·         Mobile phones and Blackberries

·         PDAs

·         MP3 and MP4 players

·         Portable CD and DVD players

·         Games consoles

·         Sat navs

·         Blue Tooth devices

·         Digital camera and camcorders


In the box:

·         1 x Bag (Size: 48 x 33 x 15 cm)

·         1 x Solar panel

·         1 x Connector

·         1 x Power pack

·         11 x Connectors: Sony, Motorola, Nokia Universal, Samsung, Siemens, LG, PDA, IPod, Nintendo DS, PSP, Digital Camera, Sat Nav, Portable DVD Players

·         1 x Room Charger: 110V-230V

·         1 x Car Charger

·         1 x USB connector


Please note that certain mobile phone connectors are not provided. If unsure please contact us, telling us the make and model of your phone.



- Avoid violent impact and contact with water.
- Keep the surface of the solar energy panel clean and free from scratches.

Compatible Handsets Guide

308, 328, 338, 928, 938, V998, V8088, A6188, T6188, L200(V2088), V2188, 7689, L708, 708+, V3688, LF2000, V0162, V7389, 388.

Nokia : 6160, 6162, 6161, 6185, 6190, 6150, 6210, 6250, 7110, 7210, 7160, 7650, 8250, 8260, 8290, 8810, 8850, 8860, 8890, 8910, 3360, 3390, 3410, 3510, 6110, 5110, 2110.

Samsung: A288, A300, A408, A308, N300, A100, A188, 600, 630, 638.


Sony Ercisson: T28, R310, R320, A2618S, R520m, T29, T39, R380, T65, T66, T68, T60, R600, T20.


Siemens: C25, C45, S25, C2588, 2588, 3508, 3518, 3568, 2518, 6688, C55.

LG: Please check with us.

Operation methods:

1.First, link one end of the connection wire with a delivery outlet, and the other end with the mobile phone adapter. When the charging indicator light is on, it means that it is charging.

2.If the charger does not charge, just put the solar bag in the sun. In order to obtain as much charge as possible from the sun, place the solar bag upright. You can charge the mobile phone when the indicator light has been shining for 30 seconds.

3.The input end can also connect with the solar panel. The charger can use mains power, but please distinguish between the input end and the delivery outlet.

4. The charging lights explained: Red: charging; Green: fully charged; Yellow: weakly charged.


Price: 55.00

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