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SolRox Massage & Healing Therapy Stone 300gm 
SolRox Massage & Healing Therapy Stone 300gm

For best results heat in microwave for 20 seconds (does not damage crystal or affect its therapeutic qualities), check that it is not too hot and apply directly to area of body requiring treatment, the crystal acts quickly and can be applied for extensive treatment.


I bought a lamp and three massage stones at the Swansea Natural Living Show recently as I have wanted a lamp for a while, not being totally aware of the healing properties they provide.

Last night I picked up a saucepan, by the metal handle, which had just come out of a very hot oven (very silly I know!) and burnt my hand very badly - from the soft area between my thumb and first finger right across to my wrist. It was extremely painful and swollen and red and my husband was convinced that we would end up in casualty!

After running it under cold water for a while, I suddenly remembered my Stones and popped them in the freezer for short while - I then sat with one in my hand, alternating when it started to warm up with the other in the freezer. I eventually went to bed, falling asleep with a stone clasped in my hand and I woke up this morning still holding the stone! I was prepared for a painful blister and damamged skin and pain, but my hand is 98% better I'd say - only a slight stinging sensation left! I am totally amazed as I have burnt myself before in the kitchen but not as serverely, and still have the scars and painful memories, but this is like it didn't even happen!

Thank you - I LOVE my Healing stone xxxxxx

Price: 8.12

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