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Pro-otic Multi Strain Capsules 
Pro-otic Multi Strain Capsules

Leading naturopaths have known for many years about the importance of obtaining a good daily intake of foods which deliver healthy bacteria, known as probiotic bacteria. In more recent years, due to media adverts promoting the benefits of bio-yoghurts, many of us are aware that these bacteria can help support a healthy digestive system. However, did you know that a carefully selected multi spectrum of probiotic bacteria can also support our immune system, and the breaking down and absorption of our food and important nutrients?

Pro-otic is one of the first probiotic formulations to deliver a fuller spectrum of probiotic bacteria in a form that has been demonstrated to survive our stomach acids and can also adhere to our intestinal lining and colonise particularly efficiently, whilst also promising a proven potency at the time of consumption at normal room temperature. Many of us take probiotic products as part of our daily regime, but when making our product selection what key points should we be checking? We should always check that the bacteria actually have a good chance of being present when we finally consume them. As so many leading probiotic products only state the levels present “at the time of formulation” which means you cannot really be sure of the level they deliver when you actually take the product. We feel all probiotic products should be able to demonstrate their label claim at the time of consumption and not rely on words like “at the time of formulation”. Companies who offer probiotic products with labels that have been approved by the HFMA normally have some form of proven potency.

Did you know that some years ago a leading consumer magazine looked into the potency of many of our leading probiotic brands with some very concerning results…? Pro-otic is one of the first commercially available multi-strain probiotic products on the market which delivers a proven potency at the time of consumption, while also being a very convenient product as it can be stored at normal room temperature, so there is no need for inconvenient refrigeration.

This product is now soy free.

Please note that the proven potency of 3.5 billion has been extended to 24 months from the time of formulation and there is no need to refrigerate the product.

Price: 12.20

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