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Organic Firm & Tone Oil 
Organic Firm & Tone Oil


The selection of oils, rich in Vitamins E & F and high in essential fatty acids, has been designed to combine the nourishing and anti-oxidant properties of sesame, olive and evening primrose oils, with the astringent action of hazelnut oil, the soothing quality of apricot kernel oil, and jojoba oil to promote elasticity.

To the mixture are then added ginger and rosemary to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage and also to enhance the natural purifying and eliminatory capacity of the skin. Gotu kola has been selected for its revitalising and elastifying properties, cypress, lemon and green tea as astringents and anti-oxidants, burdock for its draining properties, and meadowsweet and lavender for their anti-inflammatory action.

The characteristics of its ingredients make this product ideal for treating cellulite and other problems such as water retention, lymphoedema and heavy feeling legs. The result is a more healthy, toned and elastic looking skin.

The product is designed for all skin types, even the most sensitive.


Pour as much as is needed into the palm of your hand, preferably after a hot shower or bath, and massage into the areas of the body that need treating or toning. 
Work the oil in a circular motion, gradually increasing the pressure, to stimulate the circulation in those areas affected.

Some people might notice a temporary diuretic effect, which is a positive sign of re-stimulated lymphatic drainage.
This oil can also be used to tone the breast.

The product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is compatible with homeopathic treatment

INLIGHT cosmethics are so full of concentrated goodness (they’re water free) that you need only use a tiny amount.


Sesamum indicum sesame oil - nourishing, anti-oxidant

Olea europaea olive oil - soothing

Corylus avellana hazelnut oil - astringent, nourishing

Buxus chinensis jojoba oil - for elasticity and scar healing

Prunus armeniaca apricot kernel oil - soothing

Oenothera biennis evening primrose oil - anti-oxidant, regenerating

Filipendula ulmaria meadowsweet - to promote scar healing, draining

Centella asiatica gotu kola - for elasticity and to promote vein tone

Zingiber officinale ginger - revitalising, stimulating

Citrus limonum lemon - astringent, toning

Pelargonium graveolens rose geranium - anti-congestant, anti-inflammatory

Citrus aurantium petitgrain - toning, firming

Cupressus sempervirens cypress - promoting vein tone, astringent

Rosmarinus officinalis rosemary - revitalising, stimulating

Arctium lappa burdock - purifying, draining

Camelia sinensis green tea - astringent, anti-oxidant

Cananga odorata ylang ylang - toning

Lavandula angustifolia lavender - anti-inflammatory, cytophylactic

Allergens: linalool, citronellol, d-limonene, geraniol, citral

The Lovely Legs and Feet Routine 
Organic Firm & Tone Oil & Organic Foot & Leg Balm

Wonderful for toning the skin, helping in the treatment of cellulite and leaving the skin feeling silky smooth, INLIGHT Organic Firm & Tone Oil is the ideal answer for preparing your legs for the summer. It is also the perfect partner to our Organic Foot & Leg Balm, so soothing for tired feet with its restorative evening primrose oil and delicate lavender. Reveal your summer legs and feet with confidence!


Melanie McCarthy, March 09
"Now that I've been solely using Inlight for the past month or so, I’ve noticed a real improvement with my skin. I am 46, fair, with dry, sensitive skin. I’ve always had to use quality products like Clarins, Estee Lauder etc but I’ve also always suffered with the occasional outbreak of spots.  Now my skin is clear, glowing & there is definitely an improvement in its elasticity. I’m hooked!"

Valerie Delforge, Salon Manager, U.R. Beautiful in Boots Kingston,
“I have now used the products and I am an avid fan… The skin has never felt so moisturized… So thank you very much….”

Annie Peck, Maenporth, Falmouth, Cornwall
"I can't bear the smell or feel of anything else now. INLIGHT is just so pure! And the products make me feel so good!"

Janet Hunt, Beauty Therapist, The Natural Corner,
"As a beauty therapist offering organic and natural skincare I was very keen to sample the Inlight products, and particularly to learn about how they are made. The purity of the products is awesome!  I started using the facial products immediately, and I am finding them an absolute pleasure to use. Having suffered chronic illness in the past, I am delighted to discover that there is a range of products that do not put toxins into the body, and effectively cleanse and nourish the skin.

I have also used the products for a facial on a client, and found them to be very pleasant and easy to use, and a little goes a long way! Afterwards the client felt that her skin was wonderfully soft and she also felt very relaxed!  This is a result I wish to achieve every time! I will be introducing my clients to Inlight products, and I would like to thank you for producing a product which definitely ticks all the boxes!"

Price: 46.00

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