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Orange Spice  Massage Wax 
Orange Spice Massage Wax

Tui Massage Waxes and Balmes are a unique blend of Organic Beeswax and Natural ingredients for a supreme massage experience - both for the massager and the massaged! It is a semi-solid formula which melts immediately onto the skin and provides a working surface that delivers control,smoothness and a perfect finish -  without spills, mess and waste.

Orange Spice is a good all round massage wax, being liked by both men and women.
It is gently warming as well as sedative. The essential oils are both antispasmodic and antidepressant.

and Grapefruit are good for fluid retention and cellulite work, Grapefruit in particular being a diuretic, detoxifier and stimulant of the lymphatic system. It is also good for oily skins and acne.

It is used by Sports therapists as it helps disperse lactic acid from the muscles, thus reducing aches and stiffness, making it particularly good for those in training.

Grapefruit's uplifting and antidepressant effect is used by therapists wanting to treat those with depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D).

The Pimento Oil adds the 'spice' to the formula and creates a gentle warming effect, making it a useful 'warming' massage wax if you don't want to go to the full heat of the Aches and Pains Balme. In combination with the Orange
, it can help in treatment of constipation, digestive problems and insomnia.

Orange Spice, probably because of the citrus nature of the essential oils, tends to be the 'softest' massage wax, and some people prefer this in terms of spread during the massage.

 Not tested on animals. 



Certified Organic Beeswax, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Amica Oil, Vitamin E, Essential Oils of Orange, Grapefruit & Pimento.

Price: 3.99

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