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Mountain Forest Massage Wax 
Mountain Forest Massage Wax

Tui Massage Waxes and Balmes are a unique blend of Organic Beeswax and Natural ingredients for a supreme massage experience - both for the massager and the massaged! It is a semi-solid formula which melts immediately onto the skin and provides a working surface that delivers control,smoothness and a perfect finish -  without spills, mess and waste. 

The Mountain Forest Blend was created as a 'woody' rather than 'flowery' blend for those who don't want a floral scent. This makes it particularly good for use on men and some have called it the 'mens blend'. This is a bit misleading as it is, of course, used by women everywhere!  It is best described as piney, smokey, woody and  foresty.  As the essentials oils which are used are essentially base notes, it's scent is not easy to determine in the tub, and the true scent comes out on application, when the essential oil scents are released.

In combination, the qualities of the essential oils are aromatic, astringent, antiseptic and sedative. They would be good for those with oily skins, as the astringency will help with this.
It is commonly used in sports massage, when massaging men and recently in hot stone massage.
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Not tested on animals. 





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