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Marine Fish Oils 1000mg 
Marine Fish Oils 1000mg


  • Individuals wishing to support cardiovascular, immune and nervous function.

  • Children, as the Omega 3 is supportive of cognitive and visual development. 

  • Elderly individuals may also find it helpful to support cognitive processes.

  • Individuals who wish to supplement in order to help bone integrity, perhaps post menopause.

  • For support with maintaining joint mobility; supports active and sportive lifestyles.

  • Individuals requiring eye health support.

For a long time, fats have had a bad reputation when it comes down to our diet.  We may even be tempted to avoid them, but in doing so, we could be compromising our health.  This is because the Omega fats, particularly the Omega-3s sourced from some oily fish and seeds, are considered to be essential to our diet.  As a result, these are known as the essential fatty acids or EFAs, since we do not have the capacity to manufacture these delicate oils ourselves.  The high potency Nutrigold blend of Marine Fish Oils contain both eicosapentaenoic (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acids (DHA).  These are the ‘ready-to-go’ fatty acids. EPA and DHA have a variety of functions but are thought to support immune, nervous and cardiovascular functions, as well as eyes, joints and bones.   In addition, these Omega fats have been found to be supportive for fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding women.  It is also considered helpful in cognitive function, including brain development in early life.  They are also helpful in increasing the availability of the important fat soluble vitamins A, D and E.

There is often a worry that fish can concentrate up pollutants in our oceans but Marine Fish Oils are sourced from high quality fish found in pelagic ecosystems, away from shores or sea beds, mainly in Norwegian waters. The product goes through a process of selective absorption of environmental pollutants to obtain one of the cleanest fish oils on the market.  Special attention is paid to ensure our Marine Fish Oil formula is tested  from heavy metals and potentially harmful peroxides,dioxins and PCB levels.

Many fish oil products on the market are provided in bovine gelatine capsules, which many individuals may not want, particularly those on a pescatarian diet.   Bypassing the unpopular alternative of fish oil straight from the spoon, we chose for our EPA fish oils to be encapsulated in our new high-tech vegetable capsules.  These vegetarian capsule shells not only deliver a precision dose of the fish oil but also dissolve as easily in the stomach as the standard gelatine capsule.  They are also free from any other animal by-products and are hypoallergenic.

Marine fish oil is more bioavailable than flax oil in that the vegetarian sourced flax oil has to undergo a biochemical conversion in the body in order to become the more functional EPA and DHA.  In healthy individuals this may not pose a problem, but for some individuals, such as the elderly, the more bioavailable fish oil would be more beneficial.  As a direct result, taking it in this form means that the body can utilise it more rapidly and effectively.  Vegetarians and vegans would be advised to take Omega 3 fatty acids in the form of Flaxseed Oil.

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