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Liners - Biodegradable Flushable 
Liners - Biodegradable Flushable

Available in two sizes, our liners are made in Europe. The smaller Baby liners in packs of 200 (approx size 20 x 19.5cm) are suitable from birth to about 1 year to 18 months or so, the larger liners in packs of 100 (approx size 28 x 19.5cm) are much longer and thus ideal for older babies at their length usually leaves enough liner free to use to wipe baby with, or can be cut in two for a small baby. You may find with a newborn that you don't need to use a liner since the poo frequently washes off the nappies very easily in the early days. Particularly with breastfed poo, which is notoriously runny, you will find that a fleece liner is far more effective at poo catching, as the liquidity of the poo will usually soak straight through these flushable liners.

Provided your plumbing is in order, these liners are often safe for most septic tanks. If in doubt, or you know you have old or damaged drains then shake the poo off into the toilet and bag and bin the liners. 

Price: 3.50

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