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InLight Organic Line Softener 
InLight Organic Line Softener


This balm has been formulated to deeply nourish the skin. Shea butter and macadamia oil offer invaluable antioxidants in the form of Vitamins A & E and essential fatty acids, and work together with evening primrose and sunflower oils with their regenerative and remineralising properties.

Jojoba oil promotes elasticity and olive oil is added for its soothing effects. The presence of carrot oil, rich in beta-carotene, enhances the product’s restorative
and anti-wrinkle characteristics. Moreover gotu kola, marigold and plantain, with their cytophylactic properties promote skin healing, rose and lemon offer astringent qualities, lavender, rose geranium and patchouli have been added for their anti-inflammatory properties and horsetail and nettle help to restore mineral balance.

Ideal for topical application in preventing and treating lines and scars, even after general or aestethic surgery, or for burns from radiotherapy. Useful also for keloids.

Excellent for breast-feeding cracks and pronounced stretch marks on the breast, and useful in the treatment of darkened patches from sun damage.

The product is suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive, reddened or with acne, rosacea or skin




Once or twice a day apply a little, using the wooden spatula included, onto laughter lines and wrinkles, particularly around the eyes and lips. Massage in with the fingertips in a circular motion until fully absorbed. Any excess can be removed with cotton wool, preferably organic. 

The product is suitable for vegetarians and is compatible with homeopathic treatment

INLIGHT cosmethics are so full of concentrated goodness (they’re water free) that you need only use a tiny amount.


Butyrospermum parkii shea butter - promoting elasticity, nourishing

Buxus chinensis jojoba oil - promoting elasticity and healing

Olea europaea olive oil - soothing

Macadamia integrifolia macadamia oil - regenerating, nourishing

Helianthus annuus sunflower oil - antioxidant, nourishing

Cera alba beeswax - soothing, protective

Oenothera biennis evening primrose oil - antioxidant, regenerating

Lavandula angustifolia lavender - anti-inflammatory, cytophylactic

Rosa damascena rose - astringent

Calendula officinalis marigold - promoting tissue healing, anti-inflammatory

Rosa canina rose hip - astringent

Centella asiatica gotu kola - promoting elasticity, regenerating

Equisetum arvense horsetail - remineralising

Plantago major plantain - promoting tissue healing

Pelargonium graveolens rose geranium - anticongestant, anti-inflammatory

Urtica dioica nettle - purifying, remineralising

Citrus limonum lemon - astringent

Vaccinium myrtillus bilberry - antioxidant

Pogostemon cablin patchouli - anti-inflammatory, promoting healing

Daucus carota carrot - antioxidant (beta carotene)

Allergens: linalool, citronellol, geraniol, d-limonene

Face & Body Organic Boost: indulging whilst treating

Organic Line Softener & Organic Restorative Body Butter

Deeply restorative for laughter lines and wrinkles, INLIGHT Organic Line Softener fills in your lines whilst treating them with the active properties of rose hip and macadamia oils, well known for their effectiveness in restoring the skin’s elasticity. Line Softener’s must-have companion is our Organic Restorative Body Butter for extending the benefit to your whole body. 


I have been using your line softener product for a number of years and I hail it as my life savour! I really do feel it has reduced some of my lines despite my body feeling older and my skin trying to fight against it and develop more lines!! (K. Eaton 15/05/2014)

Very impressed with this product. After ten minutes my skin feels and looks like it did when I was twenty (I am 55). I love tall the products from this range as they all are a joy to use
.( J Holt 13/05/2014)

When you open your jar it smells so good. As I’m still quite young so I use it only as a night treatment. Fine lines around the mouth disappear; also the crow’s feet around my eyes are almost invisible. My cheeks look more tightened and my redness are softened; all of these make me look great first time in the morning, so also my mood improves. All in one jar: good looking and better feeling! (B Rodà

Amazing product. You can see the lines soften and plump up after a day of use. It gives my skin back the glow it had twenty years ago.( J Holt 02/05/2014)

"Following my mastectomy and reconstructive surgery I was very interested in finding a product that would help to reduce the size and appearance of my two scars. I have been suggested Line Softener ( antiwrinkle!!!) from a friend and I have used it for six weeks now. I am very pleased with the results. My scars do seem to be reducing and they feel really smooth."
(Lisa 19/09/2013

This is a beautiful product and is an absolute pleasure to use.
It has a pleasing delicate fragrance and blends effortlessly into the skin leaving no residue. Since using it as my day moisturiser my skin looks visibly more radiant and has taken on a healthy youthful glow
.( L. Bernhardt 19/09/2013)

I have had two hip re-surfacing operations this year which left me with two 19cms scars. After the first operation the scar was closed with dissolvable stitching and I used Bio-oil regularly to help the healing process. After about three months there were no noticeable changes to the colour or texture of the scar. It was then suggested by a friend that I try some Organic Line Softener. I started to use this sparingly nearly everyday and within just a week the redness had all but disappeared and the skin texture was smoother.
If this product works so well on scars I wonder what happens on lines then!
(Karen Hurst 19/09/2013)


I'm a great fan of all your products which I'm using since last Christmas.
My 'dry skin condition' has clearly improved and the wrinkles on my forehead and face have very much improved - I dare to say about 40 %.
This means a lot as my birth certificate says I'm over 50 years old :-)
I use the line softener as a night cream before going to bed and my skin just loves this balm.( BB 19/09/2013)

I use Inlight Line Softener with my patients recovering from cancer therapy surgery as it is 100% organic and bursting with healing extracts. This balm soothes and nourishes delicate and fragile scar tissue, provides aromatherapy benefits and is a pleasure to use both professionally and at home. One of my patients had a terrible reaction to a popular scar oil and it was the InLight Line Softener that calmed her skin quickly while additionally improving the texture and suppleness of her scar. I love this formula and wholeheartedly support the company's philosophy and ethos.
(Adrianna Holman – Homeopath 18/09/2013)

I wasn't sure about buying this product so bought the travel set. I will definitely be buying more, my skin is firmer, hydrated and just so much more comfortable. I have dry skin and lots of fine lines. I also have terrible pigmentation due to sun worship in my youth. I cannot believe the difference in just two weeks. I bought the products whilst on holiday in
Cornwall and now I am home I can see my friends studying my face, in the end they have to ask what I've had done! My lines are disappearing (the fine ones) and my pigmentation is greatly improved - thank you for such a great product! (I am using the cleanser too). (Emma 13/08/2013)

These products are truly everything I expected them to be, definitely high quality effective cosmetics.
(E.K. 06/08/2013)

This year a doctor friend invited us to stay at his home in
Cornwall. His wife had the most amazing skin and mentioned your products. When we left she presented me with your Organic Line Softener product.

At 82 I have been told I am remarkably wrinkle-free but I have the odd patch of discolouration that comes with age. Daily use of this product has resulted in a more uniform colour, a very pleasing result. Also, and I can only attribute this to your Line Softener, a scar under my eyebrow seems to have become less obvious, a result I never expected, but obviously one that pleases me. I am now using it on a chest scar, the result of bypass surgery, a scar I have had for a long time. If it works on this I shall be truly amazed.

Although expensive, only a little is needed and the jar lasts a very long time. In any case ,what price can one put on something that works?

It is so good these days to find products that are "pure" with no chemicals that may have unforeseen consequences.
( C. Brown 06/07/2013)


Having watched my furrows increase in depth across my forehead some action was needed. I will never look back now! Within days my furrows have become shallower and a patch on my face that had a savage attack of basal cell carcinoma is looking so much better. I would highly recommend this product! (Annabelle 15/05/2013)

I have been using Line Softener for 10 days now and absolutely love it. I have very sensitive skin so have to be careful in what I use. This product is just lovely. I initially used it around my eyes and mouth but now use it at night all over my face and neck and on my elbows. Before Christmas I noticed a tiny 'blip' under the outer corner of my left eye. Following checks I was told it was the beginnings of a facial wart. It grew slightly, but wasn't unsightly so I hadn't done anything about it. Over this weekend I noticed that it has almost disappeared. The only thing different I have been using is my Line Softener. It may be that the wart might have gone of its own accord but thought it was interesting that it has changed significantly since I have been applying the Line Softener to this area. Maybe you have produced a natural wart cure as well as a line softener!!
( J. Savill 08/04/2013)

I am 67 so past the first flush of my youth but I still like to look my best. I find that this gentle but effective product has given my skin a healthy 'glow' after only a few applications.
(Mary 04/04/2013)

I am 46, fair, with dry, sensitive skin. I’ve always had to use quality products like Clarins, Estee Lauder etc but I’ve also always suffered with the occasional outbreak of spots. It took a while to get used to the INLIGHT range as it’s quite unique.
I have been using Inlight products for the past month or so and I must say I’ve noticed a real improvement with my skin. My favourite is the Line cream.
Now my skin is clear, glowing & there is definitely an improvement in its elasticity. I’m hooked!
(M. McCarthy 04/04/2013)

Excellent immediate result on my scar. If this product works so well on scars I wonder what happens on lines then!(
K. Hurst 04/04/2013)

At first it felt quite greasy on my forehead but I think I was using a bit too much not considering that these products don’t contain water. I am now a converted! For the first time in years I can say I have found something that works on wrinkles and is organic too!
(A. Rinaldi 02/04/2013)


I have been using the line softener as a full moisturiser, following the cleanser and toner. My skin is amazing! I know it is the most expensive product, but at the side of so many other products I think it still rates as great value for money and it really works.
(A. Crompton – Homeopath 02/04/2013)

For those who don't want to Botox their lines I can happily suggest Inlight Line softener. Surely worth trying it
.( M. Warren 02/04/2013)

At 72 many women give up but I am pleased that I haven’t. Let down over the years by the many products claiming to reduce wrinkles I have tried the natural way and it has worked very well. I am addicted now to the Inlight organic line softener which I use morning and night. I am happy to say that all my upper lip lines have dramatically reduced in a very short time. At last a product that does what it says!
(M. Palmieri 02/04/2013)

I have never believed in anti-wrinkles magic creams however, after only 4 weeks of using it I have to praise the Line Softener from Inlight. This potent balm works on lines like nothing else.
(R. Ingegno 02/04/2013)

My scar after having a painful C-section eight years ago was still deep and pink. I had tried many of the top commercial brands of skincare products in the
USA to try to remove it, but didn’t have much success. I had given up hope, but after only several weeks of using Inlight organic line softener, my husband noted that my scar was less pink, bumpy and visible. When I use this product I feel that I am nourishing and healing my scar and not just removing it. It’s worth every penny and I highly recommend it for healing scars on all levels. (A. Tuck 01/04/2013)


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