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Fulvic Acid for Humans 
Fulvic Acid for Humans

Fulvic acid is completely natural and organic, formed over millions of years via microbial metabolism of decaying vegetation. It is involved in the same process which forms coal and eventually diamonds, and are thus an integral part of the carbon cycle. 

The Natural Pet Vitality and Human Fulvic products we sell are made from one of the richest sources of fulvic acid which is mined from deep within the earth in New Mexico.

Fulvic acid is one of nature’s most powerful electrolytes. It has the ability to balance the electrical chemistry of cells providing conditions for optimal health. An increasing amount of research into Fulvic Acid shows these benefits. For example, Dr William R. Jackson (in the video below) has shown that when given to plants, fulvic acid can enhance the immunity to such an extent that insects or parasites cannot even land on the leaf, let alone take a bite.

Fulvic acid contains natural liver enzymes that will help the body’s elimination organs, such as the liver, kidney and skin, to release all these toxins safely.
The toxins naturally bind to the fulvic acid so it can be easily eliminated. Fulvic acid also contains naturally occurring pro-biotics which can aid in keeping the digestive tract and gut flora healthy, which in turn will boost the immune system, and therefore is crucial to give to an animal after it has taken any prescribed medications such as steroids, antibiotics or pain relief medication.

So, Fulvic acid can balance mineral deficiencies or excesses by evaluating the needs of the cell, thus providing optimal nutrition required for healthy cellular processes, and reducing the risk of disease. The oxygen content of Fulvic Acid is also vital to its health giving properties and no other nutrient possesses and transports bio-available oxygen directly into our cells. It is this aspect of Fulvic Acid which allows it to be useful for athletes and sportspeople. Prolonged use of Fulvic Acid has allowed athletes to train harder and recover quicker due to a decreased oxygen debt following exercise and this same effect has been observed in race horses.


1 tablet 5 minutes before each meal. Take with water.

Do not exceed the stated intake unless instructed by a qualified health professional.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Try to incorporate 8 glasses of alkaline water and at least 30 minutes exercise into a daily routine.


Proprietary blend (fulvic acid; vegetal silica; kaolin; enzyme mix (protease, amylase, lipase, cellulase, lactase, maltase, sucrase); probiotic mix (B. bifidum, L.acidophilus, B.infantis, L.bulgarium, B.longum, L.casei, DDS-1 Acidophilus, L.plantarum, Enterococcus, L.rhamnosus, L.salivarius, P.acidilacticil, S.thermophilus);

Vitamins: Vitamin E (as non-gm d-alpha tocopherol from soya); 19mg a-TE 190% rda, riboflavin (b2) 3mg 187% rda, vitamin D2 10μg 100% rda, niacin (as nicotinamide) (b3) 20mg NE 105% rda, vitamin K 45μg, vitamin b6 3mg 150% rda, vitamin C hydroxypropylmethylcellulose)120mg 200% rda, folic acid (as folacin)400μg 200% rda, thiamin (as mononitrate) (b1) 3mg 214% rda, vitamin b12 (as cyanocobalamin); 6μg 600% rda, biotin 300μg (200% rda), vitamin k;

Minerals: Calcium 120mg (15% rda) (as di-calcium phosphate, coral calcium and calcium citrate), phosphorus 65mg (as di-calcium phosphate), magnesium citrate, magnesium stearate

Extra Bits: Choline 90mg, inositol 90mg, citrus bioflavonoids 90mg, beta carotene 9mg,
microcrystaline cellulose; cross-linked cellulose gum; anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide, glazing agent: cellulose, water.


Allergy Advice: This product is free from ingredients derived from; nuts, shellfish, fish, eggs, wheat, mustard, sesame or celery. Does not contain lactose or gluten and is suitable for vegetarians.

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