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Delacet Head Lice Treatment 
Delacet Head Lice Treatment

DELACET has been tested on volunteers by many health magazine editors and writers. It was named the Best Head Lice Product by Prima Magazine (September 2003). DELACET has also been independently tested (with great results!) by the doctors at the clinic in Minnesota, USA.


Tincture of Larkspur, Acetic acid (vinegar).

DELACET is very simple to apply. All you have to do is: wet dry hair generously with DELACET, wrap head loosely in an old towel for 2 - 3 hours and then wash thoroughly in your favourite shampoo and comb as usual. DELACET is also recommended for people with difficult to manage hair (Afro or dreadlocks), where combing is not possible or impractical. Due to its "watery" consistency DELACET penetrates hair quickly all the way to the scalp and later is very easily washed out. DELACET has been formulated to be a single treatment product, however in case of heavy infestation repeated application might be beneficial.

  • kills head lice and nits (eggs)
  • excellent scalp disinfectant and hair conditioner
  • 100% natural formula - no toxic chemicals
  • prepared from organically grown herbs
  • quick, simple and safe to use
  • licensed as a medical product
  • patented formula and registered trademark
  • very long proven record of effectiveness
  • no application on many consecutive days required
  • no need to use a nit comb
  • excellent to use for Afro hair or dreadlocks
  • not tested on animals
  • shelf life - 3 yrs
  • competitive price
  • bottle and packaging fully recyclable
Price: 11.49


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