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Calendula Blossom Deodorant Spray 
Calendula Blossom Deodorant Spray


Deionized Water, Natural Grain Alcohol, Vegetable Glycerin, Calendula Oil, d-Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Camomile Oil, Arnica Extract, Rose Water, Calamine Powder, and a complex of Sandalwood Oil, Patchouli Oil, Jasmine Oil, Fir Oil, Vanilla Oil, Cedarwood Oil and Rose Oil.


This is a perfect product. I smells wonderful, it does exactly what it is supposed to do--super effective--and there are no scary ingredients involved. My husband loves the men's version, and these are the only deodorants we use now. Love it, love Aubrey Organics.

Very good product, I use from 3 years.

I am amazed that this deodorant works so well. Got stuck in stand still traffic in 100 degree heat for about a half hour, sweating profusely. Anyway, this product lasted all day. No reapplication.

After ready all the 4 and 5 star reviews here...I had to try to this product. All I can say is WOW, I am amazed!! After all day of working and a pilates class, this all natural deodorant held up as well, if not better than anti-perspirants, and much better than other natural deodorants. Just a little spritz in each pit and your good to go all day. It's the organic way to be "Sure"

As a natural deoderant this a nice one. I have very sensitive skin and most deodorants including many natural ones caused a rash, swelling and sever itching. This sprays on and dries quickly. It also smells very nice. For me however, I found it was not strong enough to stop the unpleasant odour of a long work day in a restaurant kitchen. If you do not sweat a lot or are not prone to underarm odour, this could be the product for you. If you are prone to underarm odour I would recommend Aubrey E Plus High C roll on. It takes a few minutes to dry when first applied but lasts all day long even in a hot kitchen. Either way Aubrey Organics has made two very fine products.

This deodorant is the best on the market, natural or not. It dries quickly, feels smooth, prevents odour, and lasts for hours.

Price: 8.49

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