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Almond & Cocoa Butter Body Lotion


Trevarno's Organic Almond & Cocoa Butter Body Lotion is a high-performance moisturiser, designed to leave your skin feeling soft, nourished and truly healthy.
Made entirely from natural ingredients, this rich formulation melts easily into your skin, luxuriously smoothing and restoring moisture where needed. Fragranced delicately with lavender and bergamot, this body lotion has an understated but uplifting aroma. 

Suitable for all skin types.
 (or 30ml sample/travel size)

Price: 21.00

Aromatherapy Romance Candle


’Ooo’ candle by Simply Soaps. A natural plant based candle utilising sustainable palm oils and a wow of an aphrodisiac! Ylang Ylang will calm, relax, and get the pulse racing! 14-16 hours burn time.
The wick cotton is reinforced with compressed cardboard. Contains no paraffin.


Price: 4.95

Aromatherapy Stress Candle


'Aaag' candle by Simply Soaps. A natural plant based candle utilising sustainable palm oils and cedarwood and amyris essential oils. 14-16 hours burn time.
The wick cotton is reinforced with compressed cardboard. Contains no paraffin.


Price: 4.95

Bath Milk


For those that like a touch of Cleopatra about their bath times, this is a real treat.  Softening goat's milk and nourishing Dead Sea Salt combine to make the water soft and indulgent, allowing you to soak away your cares in peace.  While rose petals float around you, you can gather your thoughts and leave the bathroom feeling like you've spent a day in a spa - without spending a fortune. 


Price: 6.99

Bath Salts


There's something about soaking away your cares in a long hot bath in times like these that's just really appealing; the simple pleasures in life really are the best.  So we've made some lovely salts to soothe and relax you - they're not gimmicky, they're just gorgeous.  The combination of Epsom and Dead Sea Salts will leave your skin feeling soft and the heady scents of the essential oils will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for anything.

Now sold in a plastic tub, which makes it much easier to store.

Also we have added lots more botantical's and an extra splash of essential oil too, making these salt pots extremely luxurious with a much more fulfilling aroma.

200g - enough for four baths.

Price: 6.50

Benecos Natural Nail Polish


Benecos natural nail polish does not contain harsh ingredients and is free from toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, phthalates, clolphony. This nail varnish has not been tested on animals and is vegan friendly. It is long lasting and chip resistant while being non-drying and very gentle on your nails!

No base coat needed.
Finish off the look with a coat of Benecos clear nail polish.


Price: 6.95

Candle - Christmas Orange and Clove Essential Oil


A high quality natural candle made with pure essential oils and vegetable wax from a sustainable source. Free from paraffin wax or animal fats.
3" x 3" in size.

Uplifting and stimulating

In an attractive Ivory colour

Made from pure essential oils and 100% natural plant wax from sustainable sources.

Price: 3.75

Candle - Tea Tree and Geranium Essential Oil


A high quality natural candle made with pure essential oils and vegetable wax from a sustainable source. Free from paraffin wax or animal fats.
Balancing and restorative

2" x 2".

In an attractive Ivory colour

Made from pure essential oils and 100% natural plant wax from sustainable sources


Price: 2.25

Cotton Soft Gift Box


Everything you need to keep your hands and feet happy - super rich moisturising creams and cotton goves and socks to keep all the oil next to your skin where it will do the most good.  A very papmering treat for hands and feet!

Bought seperately these products would cost £26 but are offered here for just £21.

Price: 21.00

ECO Recycled Moon Phase Clock


This recycled range is hand crafted in the UK from recycled vending machine coffee cups, direct from the national Save-A-Cup scheme.


Made out of such an innovative material, the clock has a lovely, solid, heavy quality, much like slate. It uniquely tracks the lunar cycle and is ideal for predicting tidal heights, peak gardening times and mood swings!

                          200 x 200mm

                          Wall mounted. Full guarantee.

Price: 18.95

Eyeshadow Palette Earth Tones


The four matte shades in this palette by Dr Hauschka, ranging from a pale cream colour to a dark stony grey, provide all you need to accentuate and highlight your eyes.

4 x 1.8g

Price: 31.95

Frosted Tall Vase


Tall thin vase made from a recycled olive oil bottle. Frosted with designs in clear on vase. 20cm high by 6 cm diameter. 


Price: 9.50

Gardener's Gift Box


A bar of handmade Gardener's soap, a natural bristle brush and Heavenly Hands soothing and healing hand cream in a pretty little gift box.  The perfect treat for hard-working hands. 

These items, if sold individually, would retail at £14.50, but are offered here for only £13.00.


300 gm


Price: 13.00

Grolsch Recycled Glass Goblets - Pack of 2


Our best selling glass - Grolch Goblets made from the NEW 450ml swing top Grolsch Bottle. Please note these glasses now have white bases.

Packaged in a cardboard gift pack of 2 glasses.

Price: 12.00

Love Your Feet Gift Box


A lovely presentation box packed with a full set of pedi-pampering goodness.  It contains a pot of Heavenly Feet foot cream, indulgent Sole Food, a pot of Fresh Feets Foot Soak (not pictured for some reason, we're fixing that though!), a foot shaped pumice bar and set of cotton socks to wash, brush and smooth tired feet.  A really thoughtful gift for someone who spends a lot of time running about. 

If sold individually, these items would normally retail at £30.50, so it's a bargain too, a gift for both of you!


Price: 25.00

Murano Solar Globe - Aqua


Solar powered garden globe light, Unique glass globe sets off spectacular "floating" feature. Runs for up to 8 hours per night. Automatic switch on at dusk.

Price: 24.99

Murano Solar Globe Sunset


Solar Powered garden globe light.

Price: 24.99

Murano Solar Light Midnight


Solar powered garden globe light, Unique glass globe sets off spectacular "floating" feature. Runs for up to 8 hours per night. Automatic switch on at dusk.

Price: 24.99

Natural Hand Care Kit


All you'll need to have the "perfect ten" the natural way - a 60ml pot of our Heavenly Hand Cream, our incredibly effective Nail Oil, a beautiful glass nail file and a pair of cotton sleep gloves.  A great gift that will be used time and again - the nail file lasts forever!

Seperately these items would cost £26.50, but we're offering this pack for £21.



Price: 21.00

Olive Tumblers


Olive Tumblers made from the bottom of a thick yellow olive coloured wine bottle - large dimple in the base. Packaged in a cardboard gift pack of 2 glasses. 

Temporarily out of stock.

Price: 7.00
Out of Stock

Organic Eyeshadow Palette


Styled by professional make-up artists, the Nvey Eco Organic Eye Colour System Palettes have set colour combinations that you can use day and night, are talc free, and formulated using soothing organic elements such as chamomile, corn silk and jojoba oil. With added antioxidant vitamins A,C & E, creating a smooth and soft formula, they are excellent for dry sensitive skin.

Certified Organic by the Australian Government and OFC [Organic Food Chain Certificate #0464].

Price: 29.50

Organic Rose and Jojoba Soap


A rich blend of organic rose petals infused into organic jojoba oil to moisturise deeply while helping to rejuvenate the skin. Suitable for dry or mature skin.

Contains rose petal infused into olive oil, essential oils of palmerosa & geranium, & ground rosehip. A delicate and uplifting scent.

Price: 4.00

Overnight Replenishing Cream


An overnight essential, this rich and indulgent cream has been created to replenish,
moisturise and condition your skin using nature’s finest ingredients.

With the calming power of lavender combined with a special blend of naturally
beautifying essential oils including frankincense, rosewood and cedarwood, this
intensive face and neck cream will nourish and rejuvenate your skin whilst you sleep.

Suitable for all skin types including combination, dry and more mature skins.

“ Trevarno is a marvellous organic range, made by hand in a herbal
workshop in Cornwall and their Overnight Replenishing Cream is a real must-have”

Daily Express Saturday Magazine

30ml or 60ml (or 15ml sample/travel size)

Price: 14.50

Paper Potter


Award winning Paper Potter to make your pots from old newspapers. When seedlings are ready to plant out, transplant them in their bio-degradable paper pots. Made by Nether Wallop Trading Company.

Dimension of pots: 4cm diameter X 4.5cms high.

Price: 9.95

Paper Potter - Large


The economic and eco-friendly way to make an endless supply of plant pots for seedlings or larger seeds such as squash or marrow. Made from FSC oak.

This ingenious Paper Potter turns strips of old newspapers into plant pots for seedlings. Once you have hardened off the young plants, simply transplant into the garden. Great fun for children, this innovative gadget teaches an invaluable lesson about sustainable living.

Dimension of pots: 21/2” (6.4cms) diameter X 3” (7.6cms) high.

Price: 16.00

Pure Nuff Stuff Relax-O-Box


Geranium is very soothing and great for stress. This recyclable box contains a pot of Geranium & Lemon Cream Dream, a Chamomile & Geranium Massage bar to soothe tired shoulders, and a bar of the ever popular Geranium & Chamomile Soap for a good soak in the bath . 


Price: 18.99

Recycled Classic Wall Clock


Hand crafted in the UK from post consumer recycled paper, cast in a unique ECObind resin that enables the capture of waste gases from the drying process, which are then used as fuel.

The material has a very solid, robust, slate-like look and feel in black, and a natural wooden feel in brown.
UV stabilised for outdoor use.

It has a silent 'sweep' movement and is Rohs certified.

200 x 200mm

Price: 19.95

Rose & Jojoba Cleanser


A gentle, soothing, and highly effective cleanser, perfect for removing all traces of make-up and leaving skin feeling refreshed and moisturised. 

Created from the purest of natural ingredients including rose flower water combined with
jojoba oil, grapefruit seed extract and vitamin E.

This kind formula is gentle enough to remove even eye make-up.

Suitable for all skin types. 
“Give me anything at all by Trevarno Skincare and I’m happy”  Red Magazine
100ml or 250ml (or 30ml sample/travel size)

Price: 21.00

Rose & Jojoba Moisturiser


A luxurious cream moisturiser packed full of organic goodness and created to
rejuvenate, condition and protect the skin. The naturally active ingredients have all been carefully selected for their skin-kindness and include rosewater blended with damascena roses in jojoba oil, calendula in olive oil, sesame with carrot oil, vitamin E & rose essential oil.

With its skin-enriching formula, this intensely nourishing and natural moisturiser is
perfectly suited for drier and more mature skins. We would recommend our Day Cream for normal or oily/combination skins.
30ml or 60ml (or 15ml sample/travel size)

"Trevarno is a Cornish company that makes delicious products ” The Times Magazine

Price: 14.50

Rose Gift Box


Another lovely idea for the lady who loves roses.  We've put together a soft face brush, a 100ml bottle of our White Rose Toner and another 100ml bottle of our Avocado Cleanser (made with pure rosewater remember) and softending pot of our rose & Vanilla Cream Dream.  If you bought these items seperately they would cost you £24.40, but we're offering them here - in a gift box no less - for just £20.

Price: 20.00

Shower Scrub Salts


An ancient way of cleaning and moisturising the skin in one go. The salts scrub away dirt and the rich thick oil replenishes your skin's own lost moisture. Simple yet genius. Get a good scoop of the salt and oil mix in your hand, rub on to your skin and then turn on the shower and rinse off to leave your skin invgorated and so soft you won't need to moisturise afterwards. Particularly good for use prior to any self tanning product. Choose from Peppermint or Jasmine and Orange for a truly luxurious scrub.  


Price: 10.50

Soap Gift Box


This pretty little box contains 4 50g soaps, all put together in a recyclable cardboard box, We make a note of what you're getting on the tag attached to the box with raffia. A very thoughtful gift and a wonderful way to introduce people to the world of natural soap. 


Price: 8.50

SolRox Massage & Healing Therapy Stone 300gm


Warm and cold multi purpose massage and healing crystal, approx. weight 300gms in display box with basic instructions for use, have fun experimenting. Can be used both warm and cold, warm it quickly relaxes muscle and allows the absorbtion of essential mineral salts, nutrients and trace elements into aching bones and muscle. It also appears to be effective on headaches and some migraines, the hygroscopic properties decreasing pressure. Its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-biotic properties mean it is self cleansing and aids the healing process at a cellular level. Cold it quickly draws heat from the body and reduces infection and inflammation, burns and bruising whilst disinfecting and cleansing.

Price: 8.12

SolRox Rock Salt Granules


The 1kg pack is enough for ten to fifteen luxurious Thalassotherapy treatments, the 3kg for 30 to 50 treatments - softening skin and revitalising bone and muscle, warm sea water bathing aids rapid absorbtion of essential minerals. Coarse unwashed granules approx. 3-5mm, quicker to dissolve than chunks, perfect for sea water bathing, approx; 100-150gms per bath. Perfect for restoring depleted minerals, aches and pains, sports injuries, arthritis, rheumatism and dry skin, eczema, etc.

Price: 10.16

Top to Toe Box


A lovely way to introduce someone to natural products (or buy them all their favourites all at once), a recyclable box filled with a pot of Rose & Vanilla or Geranium & Lemon Cream Dream along with Heavenly Hands and our Heavenly Feet Cream. 

Seperately these items would cost £25.50, but just for you, they're just £21 together.


Price: 21.00

Treats for Feet


This little pack is just enough to properly pamper, soften and freshen your tired toes.  It contains a highly scented Foot Fizzer (containing peppermint, rosemary, tea tree and lavender essential oils) to clean and freshen, a little pot of our wonderful Sole Food to exfoliate and deeply moisturise and another little pot of the Heavenly Feet Cream to make sure your feet stay in tip top condition.   Both pots contain enough for at least one very generous application so they're perfect for a girls night in, a stocking filler or a well-deseved treat for yourself.

Foot Fizzer min weight 10g, each pot 15g. 


Price: 4.99

Tumblers - Recycled Grolsch Bottles


Packaged in a cardboard gift pack of 2 glasses recycled from Grolsch bottles.

Price is per pack of 2 glasses. 

Price: 7.50

Venetian 2 Pack Solar Light


Solar powered stainless steel garden light. High quality stainless steel, bright LED lighting. Runs for up to 8 hours per night. High quality 314 marine standard stainless steel body. Automatic switch on at dusk. Value twin pack.

Price: 19.99


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